Amoxicillin 500 mg

Is it possible to combine alcohol and Amoxicillin?

Doctors categorically prohibit drinking alcohol while using many antibiotics, due to the fact that a number of antimicrobial agents inhibit the process of splitting the alcohol in the body, resulting in accumulating toxic substances in the body and this leads to severe poisoning and the appearance of side effects.

Amoxicillin and drinking interact somewhat differently. As you know, antibiotics excreted through the kidneys or liver, and if this process is disturbed, it requires either reduce the daily dose or completely abandon the drug.

Why Should I Not Combine Amoxil and Alcohol?

Doctors do not recommend drinking alcohol while using Amoxicillin for the reason that alcoholic drinks disrupt the absorption of the active ingredients of Amoxicillin in the blood protein. Thereby pharmacological action of the drug can be far from that normal level and leads to excessive accumulation in the body.

When alcohol and Amoxicillin interact in the body, some specific processes take place and they increase the toxicity of the antibiotic to the liver. Active components that should have been recycled and removed out of the body accumulate in the body and a patient may experience some health problems and side effects. Impact drinking on Amoxicillin can greatly affect the health of the patient and the effectiveness of treatment of infection.

Many ignore the recommendations and continue drinking while on Amoxicillin, but it can cause irreversible consequences. For this reason, it is recommended to give up alcohol and Amoxil interaction and avoid taking alcohol during treatment.

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